Bali Wedding Ring Designer Service | Sanur Jewellery Studio

Wedding Ring Designer Service

If you are planning your wedding in Bali, let us take care of one of the most important things on your list...THE RINGS!

Whether it be for an Engagement or for the BIG Day.....we would love to work on that something special, for you to give to each other.

Many couples come to Bali to consult with venues and catering far in advance of the Big Day. We too, can meet with you initially, either at our studio in Sanur, or at your hotel or villa, to get to know a little about you both, before you make the decision to start the process to create your unique rings with us, whether it be for an engagement or wedding.


We work to a First Stage called VISION, creating a mood board of colours, ideas and sketches and some first ideas about gemstones and combinations. If you are on the island for more than a week, we can meet again and discuss these, if you are short on time, we will send through to you on email and we do skype one-on-ones, until the design is finalised and you agree on the stones, the sizing and timeline for completion and fitting.

We have a wide variety of gemstones available and can source the very best CSV1 quality white, pink, black and champagne diamonds up to a carat in weight with certificates (conflict free) and we work only with the very best gold, from Papua New Guinea, smelting it ourselves in the studio.


* Meet privately to get to know each other and get some preliminary ideas to see if we fit with you / agree to contract service agreement.
* Stage One - VISION - As described above, we deliver a mood board of ideas and sketches
* Stage Two - REVISION - we discuss any changes in shapes and colours / finalise gemstones / sizing
* Stage Three - PRODUCTION - design has been signed off and we start exclusive making process
* Stage Four - Private fitting on return to the island pre-wedding day to your hotel or villa/ adjustments


NOTE: This serviced is for meeting with you and designing your rings together. It does not include the cost of silver or gold. Silver is charged at 15,000rp per gram (or $1.10 USD equivalent) and Gold is charged at rate on the day per gram (anything from 575,000rp - 750,000rp depending on the karat of the gold).

So get in touch with us to discuss your special upcoming day. We are here to hold you hand the whole way!