Classes and Workshops at Sanur Jewellery Studio - Interior Exterior

Classes and Workshops at Sanur Jewellery Studio - Interior Exterior

We love our space.

It was originally a huge windowless space with dirt floor - a traditional Joglo (or Javanese building), used as a storage area before we got there. We transformed it in 2014, by giving it a good scrub, putting a tiled floor in, recycled windows and doors and adding our customers most favourite item....air conditioning!

The outside of the studio is blessed with beautiful gardens, where you can take a break and sit and watch the butterflies go by, under the parasols. It's a place with a unique vibration. We believe that the Bayan Tree in the yard wards off any bad spirit and the creative spirit of our students lingers on here for others to feel.

For lunch, it's extra special.

The villa next door sets the scene on the terrace overlooking the pool, for a healthy smorgasboard of delicious and healthy food for all students in day classes with us. From pumpkin and fetta and pistachio salads and roasted peppers and zuccini eggplant, to fresh rucola and pear greens and roasted mahi mahi fish. Carrot cake and mudslide cakes for after with Sumatran coffee. (we know everyone needs good coffee!)