Our Amazing Staff At Sanur Jewellery Studio

Our Amazing Staff At Sanur Jewellery Studio

We are family. We know that they come first and we do everything in our power to make sure there is a balance in their lives too.

We work with beautiful Ketut everyday (for the last 7 years actually). She wakes at 4am, cooks 2 kilos of rice, cleans her own house, gets the kids showered and dressed and ready for her husband to drop them at school, then she arrives at the studio at 7.30am and starts her day with us, cleaning and preparing the amazing tasty and healthy food we serve to our students. She then goes home, works on creating cenang (ceremonial gifts) for her banjar (local community), often into the early hours of the morning. She is a pocket rocket and we love her to bits.

Iwan is from Java. He married into the Balinese culture and is one of the calmest people we have ever met. He came to us this year as our assistant and has settled in really nicely. Our students love him for his kind smile and patience. We love him for his laugh and good nature. He loves his job and we never need to tell him what to do, he knows.

Mr. Made is an entrepreneur. He has his finger in many pies and as such he comes and goes through our workshop for the last 7 years too; always on hand when we call and need him to set a stone, make samples, make an order. He is super reliable and he is part of our family. He doesn't smile much, but when he does, he lights a room. Plus he thinks we are nuts with our own designs. Often scratches his head, but always manages to come up with an idea or two of his own to make things even better.

Nyoman is the finest wax carver on the planet. He truly is an artist. The attention to detail cannot be found anywhere else in any human on the island. We tried a 3D print for precision (and to time save) and it was nowhere near as good as anything Nyoman produced for us. He is an enigma and we are grateful he works with us when he can (because the man is busy!)