Intermediate Courses | Sanur Jewellery Studio

Intermediate Workshops

Do you want to become a jeweller? Or maybe you are one already and want to learn some techniques that are island centric and have cultural significance to Bali. For Intermediates we offer the following classes that are specialised and can be mixed and matched into a few days.

We are not a Government run school, neither are we accredited, we are purely a studio that offers our 25 years experience to those who have a feeling for designing jewellery, who sort of know the basics and want to take it a bit further. We are allies with a jewellery school in Singapore that does offer a more structured program not only in jewellery making, but also in marketing and business too. If you are interested in these topics, please get in touch here

At SJS you can learn:

  • Gem - setting (available as a two day workshop) - choose your stone
  • Riveting / Cold Connection - attaching pieces together using rivets, lashing, screws, tabs and any other method that does not include soldering
  • Chain making - learning how to make a linking necklace or bracelet
  • Granulation - the study of making silver balls and applying them in a design to a piece, learning about the local seeds to make the glue
  • Moku Megane - A Japanese technique that was used by the Javanese to make Kris (sword handles) - you mix copper/silver/brass together in a marbling effect using layering techniques and lamination

These classes are offered in conjunction of 2 days and you can mix and match. They are $145 USD each class. Build your own timetable across a couple of weeks if you want to, but you must choose a minimum of 2 classes.

For more information contact here to discuss options