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Silver Jewellery Making Classes and Workshops in Bali. Personalize Your Own Jewellery!

Are you on holiday in Bali, looking for fun things to do as a solo traveler looking to immerse into the arts culture of the island? A parent looking for things to do with your kids that is both learning and fun? A group of people on a birthday celebration (a 30th, a 40th a 50th!) or a wedding group of bridesmaids that want a day together? Or even a retreat group, moving around the island looking at all the unique things that make up our beautiful Island of The Gods, Bali?

Well you need to put us on your list of "must-do's."

Have you ever wanted to make your own jewellery? Well now you can! There is no rush, just feel the tropical inspiration all around you. Learn how to design and make your own personalised pieces of jewellery in a matter of hours, from Master Bali silversmiths.

Bali for hundreds of years, has been a crafts island and the silver trade is no exception. The incredible diversity of skills in designing and making a piece of jewellery, made Bali artisans know world-wide, as the ultimate skilled masters.

We want to bring this art skill to you, so you may feel what it is to design and create your very own piece, from inception through to finished work of art. We hold your hand the whole way from walking through the door with the awe of landing on the moon (our workshop is stunning) to when you walk out the door wearing your amazing and unique piece of hand-made jewellery!

 We have been Voted Ultimate Silver Jewellery Creative Workshop in Bali by Honey Travel - NineMsN and featured in the island's trendy fashion magazine "The Yak," as a "cool workshop to do while on holiday in Bali," 'NOW! Bali' and 'Bali & Beyond' magazines and KLM's inflight magazine too, we are firmly achieving our goals to bring you the very best as well as a fun art activity to do on holiday where you are rested and free from the stresses of work.

We are guides, here to show you all the skills, you follow. What you dream to design we can help make it happen. Follow our lead with demonstrations and feel the inspiration of Bali around you, right here in our workshop!

Just have a look at the work of all our Beginner students that come to the studio right here!

Check out this video to see a taste of what you can enjoy for your time in class with us:


Why not check out the different pieces made in our diverse range of our STUDENT GALLERY



+++++++++++++++++++OUR LATEST CLASS - NEW!!++++++++++++++++++++++

The BALI CHARM BEAD WORKSHOP: Make your own sterling silver Bali style charm, using the inspiration from all around you. We show you how to saw, file anneal and solder, how to dome and layer and cut out your design, shape it and turn it into a silver charm bead. We supply you a choice of leather from our collection and a your choice of fastening too. Its a great workshop!

Join us for a Half Day Beginners Silver Taster Class and learn how to make a silver ring, pendant or earrings. Watch our demos and then follow us. Learn how to solder, file, anneal and saw silver sheet and wire. Cut out flowers, stamp tiny boats, initial your rings with our alphabet stamps and texture your piece/s, this is a great half day insight into what it is to work with silver. Perfect for beginners! All ages: 6 to 100!

Take a Full Day Basics Silver Workshop ,with all of the above, but a slant more on creative designing and taking it to the next level. We serve a yummy Indonesian buffet lunch or a Western buffet of salads, quiches, falafels and chocolate cake.... on the terrace overlooking the gardens and pool. 

Feel like making a piece of gemstone jewellery? Add a gemstone into the mix from our awesome collection of topazes, Indonesian jaspers, opals, pretty multi-coloured quartzes in blues, yellows and greens, this Half Day Gemstone Experience will give you the chance to play with lots of stones, learn about shapes of settings and you will walk out the door with a beautiful gemstone creation.


Why not take it to the next level and do a Full Day Gemstone Workshop with buffet Indonesian or Western lunch of choose from chili tempe and eggplant with tofu curries or quiches and salads and fresh fruit and chocolate cake/homemade carrot cake)....and make a few items to keep yourself or give to friends back home!

If you love resin jewellery we have just the thing for you! There are many ways to use resin. You can mix colours, marble them, cut and join them, saw, file and shape them together, but our latest favourite way to use them is in PICTURE RESIN JEWELLERY! Check out our page here for more information

We unite people with their creative mind and encourage a bit of meditation for the soul. 

We all spend a lot more time in front of screens today and we use our hands at the keyboards. Taking a break and using your hands to make something yourself that you designed, is gratifying and meditative for the soul too! It's a good way to connect with yourself, your creative energy and with others who feel similarly around you.

Also, calling all LOVERS & COUPLES, why not do a class together on holiday and spend some quality time learning about each other's skills...we offer a very special couples private workshop with lots of amazing #shesaidyes romantic moments. Click here for more information

So ladies point your man to the website and see if he reads this part :>) and books you both in. You will never forget it! (this workshop is not on the website. It has vino and massages as part of the deal - so let him inquire HERE

If you are feeling even more inclined to take it to the next step and really love Bali, talk to our friends here at BALI HAPPY EVENTS , ask for Katy, she is in charge of offering insights into the best villas and the best caterers and flowers you can get for your beautiful Bali wedding!

HALF DAY WORKSHOP - 10am - 1pm OR 2pm -5pm. All inclusive with 5 grams of silver coffee tea and coconut pancakes 750,000rp (add more silver for 15,000rp if you need it)


GEMSTONE EXPERIENCE - 10am - 1pm or 2pm to 5pm - make a ring, a pendant, earrings or a bangle and add a beautiful gemstone from our collection! So many different gems to choose from, from blue topaz and green malachite stones, to moonstones and garnets and Indonesian jaspers. All inclusive with 5 grams of silver 795,000rp (add more silver for 15,000rp if you need it)

Carnelian claw set ring with sandpaper shank texture - made by Andrea from Komune Resorts Bali


Teardrop shaped moonstone granulation inspired ring 

FULL DAY WORKSHOP - 10am - 4pm with beautiful buffet lunch and 8 grams of silver included 995,000rp

Stunning silver bangle with hammered texture - Mairi from Australia

 Silver flower ring with doming and brass detail

Do you want to make a FULL DAY IN SANUR? Why not add on a massage at Koa Shala to top your amazing day off. We can organise it for you as part of a package with us! We do that for a Lovers Package, but we can do it for anyone. Just give us a few days warning. Please inquire here

 Koa Shala in Sanur - The best massage on the beach!


 Beautiful traditional granulation work with Larimar gemstones


We offer FREE RETURN PICK UP anywhere in Sanur! So if you are not far from the studio, we can take the hassle out of getting you here for your class and returning you for cocktails after, in the pool, smiling at the pieces you just made!

1. We are a teaching studio with a focus on 'teaching' with 'demonstrating' (we do do demonstrations, but then you follow and learn and apply them to your piece). You APPLY what you have learned and make it entirely yourself. These are skills you will remember for a lifetime!

2. VALUE for money - A wise man once said, "you get what you pay for." We pride ourselves on level of service and communication from the moment you inquire till the day you walk out with your piece smiling from ear to ear. Unfortunately the way the world works is currency conversions and we have not raised our prices at any point. We believe in offering the very best service from the moment you contact us through to you walking out the door. There are a few other places that do classes and we respect that you may want to choose the cheapest as you are on holiday, however, check out our reviews first.

We teach in English and Indonesia as well as Malay. We are fluent in these languages, so nothing will get lost in translation!

3. Suitable for ALL ages - We treat kids like adults - just look at our photos! Kids from 6 years old, love it here. They get to play and make their own designs. It is extraordinary what they come up with in their mind....amazing!

4. A great CULTURAL and GROUP experience. There is nothing quite like bringing a group of your friends or family or even an art retreat or a "incentive reward tour group" on a trip to Bali, to get creative and feel the power of the island through making. So many great things can happen in a group dynamic. Bringing teams together to find solutions, bringing family together to bond. We hve had many different types of groups through, from Drug Therapy companies and Art Retreats from Colorado and Australia, to Incentive Travel Groups from Jakarta and Surabaya, to Chinese tour groups from Shenzhen....we have been grateful for all the interesting and diverse groups we get through the workshop! Join us with your group and get fantastic here to talk to us and tell us about your group

BIG GROUP DISCOUNTS - If you have a group and don't want to travel......we can come to you!

We do traveling workshops for groups of 6 or more. If you want us to come to you at your private villa, just give us a few days in advance at minimum to organise our gear and we will set up at your private space. No extra cost to you other than 6 minimum in the group before we can travel to you. Inquire here

5. Skilled guidance and tuition using traditional Balinese techniques in a modern way. We use bellow pumps not gas and this means you have more control over the flame of the torch to solder your pieces.

6. HEALING HANDS - Creating is healing. We are a family and you will feel the energy here that supports you - make friends, other students already share the desire to create, why not have some fun and make some new friends.

Want to book in? GREAT! Before you click on the workshop and go to pay, please contact us to check your dates are available by emailing us:

Our workshops are incredibly fun! We are light-hearted, professional and open minded. We employ and teach our Indonesian staff more modern styles of silversmithing, to bring modern design to the island.



For those of you who are staying in Sanur, it's the added value so you don't have to fight with taxi drivers or get lost in transit! Just supply your hotel name, your room booking name and your room number. For morning sessions we pick up at 9.30am and for afternoon sessions we pick up at 1.30pm

- Nothing gets lost in translation. We are English speaking. We teach traditional techniques we have learned from Bali silversmiths translated in a modern way and in a paradise setting that is second to none. We are the most beautiful studio on the island! It's clean and bright and creates the gap for creativity to seep in.

- We don't limit your design. If anything, we promote creativity and you will walk away with something unique, not something that you were forced to create. It will come from you. We guide and our teaching is the best on the island. For our half day workshops of three hours, we have to curb your designs a little to maximise time, but you can still make a ring or a pendant of your own design using simple and quick techniques in texturing onto bases we have already prepped for you. A full day gives you more scope and room to go wild!

- Welcome to paradise. We are proud of our studio setting. It is spectacular and you will feel a sense of being in Bali with all the trimmings.

- Our food is super tasty and healthy. It is prepared in a healthy way and filtered water is used for all our salad cleaning and preparations of food. We believe that food promotes great design. We care what YOU eat. We will always ask you if you have an allergies to foods before we prepare. Normally we serve quiches, pasta salads with fetta and capsium and basil and rucola, pear and almond salads with tuna croquettes and petite gourmet cakes and Sumatran coffee in an idyllic setting overlooking a pool.



We are open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm. Sunday by special request (how else would we be this happy about what we do if we didn't have a break too when we need it) BUT....we can do Sunday for 3 or more people - so if you are in a group we can discuss a private class too.

When you spend the day with us you get:

  • Great books to feast on and sketch pads to sketch your masterpiece

  • Full design help on what is achievable in the time frame of the day

  • Tuition on tools and safety as well as techniques to help you along the way

  • A wonderful, healthy, lunch of quiches and salads and pasta to keep you going and give you the energy for creating (there is no lunch for Taster Class)

  • All silver (Half Day classes get 5 grams and Full day get 8 grams) - but you can buy more at wholesale if you need it for your project)

We hope to see you here at our studio soon, but before you do, check us out on Trip Advisor to see what other students think of us and see their work too. There is no us without them! Click on the owl below to check us out :>)