Sanur Jewellery Studio: Easy Ways To Pay For Classes

Workshop & Class Easy Way To Pay

Once you have contacted us to find out if your date is available there are 3 easy ways to pay with us.


We accept Indonesian Ruppiah, AUD & USD as well as GBP Sterling. Please note that any notes from the USA printed before 1992 will not be accepted because we have had some nightmares at the money changers :>) with those ones.


CREDIT CARDS! We now accept at the studio with the system CASHLEZ


We use 

Transferwise is great because you can just be a guest like PayPal and set up a quick payment without having to fill out lots of forms and the fees are tiny in comparison. It goes straight into our Indonesian business account. We give you an invoice with our business account details on the bottom to your email when you make a booking. 

So let's get you booking a class! Email us here for details: