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Small Range Custom Jewellery Manufacture in Bali

PT. Perhiasan Ratu Bali is one of our sister businesses, that manufacturer small ranges of silver and gold plated jewellery. Unlike other jewellery manufacturing businesses on the island, we offer potential customers a minimum order of any one style at 10 pieces. This allows you to concentrate on worrying about sales, rather than huge expense in manufacturing. 

Our timelines are strong and we always have you as the customer as our No.1 PRIORITY. Clear scheduling and communication, makes us one of the best small manufacturing companies in Bali for hand made silver jewellery. Presently we do work for Swedish, Australian, American and French small boutique companies.

We are able to do a variety of styles and work with our clients to come up with solutions that are optimal in either saving time ...or money (but not both at the same time - although we try!) We work on a per project basis or per piece, if the unit size of the order is larger. We do not put our clients work on the website unless we have permission to do that from them. We are happy to put you in touch with our clients for testimonials so that you can see how we do business.


We have a dedicated team of 6, specifically for artisanal range making. We are not a huge manufacturing company. This means you are supporting artisans who put their love into their work and are not in sweat factories...visit the workshop anytime to see the great space. We make everything by hand or by casting (we send out the casting 2 times a week to our partner) and we also do lazer engraving and plating in rose gold and yellow gold as well as silver plating.

We offer:

1 - designing and range making  - we have expertise in what sizing for rings in the marketplace in various countries where you would sell, we have an understanding of trend forecasting and actually at the end of the day how to save you money without messing with the quality.

2 - plating (silver/yellow and rose gold - 18kt 5 micron thickness)

3 - casting in brass, silver, gold or bronze

4 - mold making in silicon or yellow rubber (can last for up to 1000 casts) and wax carving for specialised projects where a smoothness is needed in the feel (we can also do 3D printing - although we send it out to another supplier). Mold making is an interesting concept. If you have a specific size you need for certain items, be aware that these must be discussed because there is shrinkage in mold making. Let's discuss how achieve what you need!

5 - sample production - we offer you 1 piece each and take photos and send the process to you. Samples are 2.75x our cost to make it. When you come to order our wholesale prices are 2.5x on cost and we always supply our working spreadsheets to our clients to showcase complete transparency. If you order more the price comes down to 2.2x cost. This is our loyalty to our customers.

6 - gem setting - We do stone setting from 3mm upwards of any stone

7 - hand made in granulation and Moku Megane - we are experts in these local styles that you can use in a modern way)

Please be aware, we prefer to not do tiny Pave diamond setting because it needs professional tools that we do not possess and it is extremely time consuming. It is better to go to a bigger manufacturer for this style and we are happy to put you in touch - just email us here. 

Some examples of our work are below. We often help clients to develop their ranges and give ideas along the way should they need them. Sometimes our clients come with completed drawings for their ranges, sometimes not and ask us to help them to achieve their dreams. Check out these beautiful collections below:



This client runs a small jewellery business here in Bali and exports to Sweden and various other countries. 

 For more information on Archery Jewellery please visit their Facebook Page here



Incredibly detailed mini handbag designs with super cute wolf head logo, pendants and bracelets... from Monika Selig. Available through her instagram page and direct here by email 



We make small ranges of sterling silver jewellery for this island initiative.


For more information on sales of the above through Paws Of Lembongan click here



Beautiful puka shell, keishi pearl jewellery and seeing eye bracelets and necklaces in brass with gold plating and gemstones for their Australian brand Hiraani.

These gorgeous bracelets and necklaces are for sale - please contact Amber Summer Hayes here


For more information on how we do business and a copy of our Terms and Conditions please email us here