5 Day Crash Course in Silver Jewellery Making | Sanur Bali – Sanur Jewellery Studio


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Middle of Each Month

NEXT COURSE: November 12th  - 16th 2018
10am - 4pm every day for 5 days (includes silver 40gr + gemstone worth $15)
TOTAL COST FOR 5 DAYS WORKSHOP: 8,500,000rp (deposit 20% to secure your place, rest payable on first day of course)


Imagine a holiday and learning all at the same time for a fraction of the cost back home!

What a wonderful place to come and learn silver-smithing skills on the island of Bali and mix it with a bit of surfing, shopping and relaxing too.

You will create up to 4 to 5 pieces depending on how quickly you learn. Perfect if you are on the island for an extended period of time or live in Bali.

You will receive a certificate from us at the end of this course, that will allow you to continue onto the Advanced course in the future if you wish with us. It is not accredited, more of a keepsake.


Day 1: introduction to silversmithing - play around with textures and techniques and get a feel for all the tools in the workshop. Watch and learn and then copy how to solder, anneal, file and saw silver copper and brass and explore flat sheet and wire and make your first piece as the start into working out your continuing projects in the week. Working on your design in the afternoon and on your own through the evening. We provide sketch pads and penvils and a library of books.

Day 2: 
Gem Setting  –  Understanding sheet metal, how it is made, how to create various thickness using a press and working with it to use nature around us to create different shapes and textures from bark and plants to practically anything that will go through the press around the concept of a pendant or ring. On this day you will choose your gem from our stock of gemstones available. 

You learn how to set a cabochon stone (various gems to choose from including garnet, turquoise and amethyst and moonstone - small ones included in cost of workshop - but if you have your own please bring it )

This workshop is to understand the various shapes of stones and their names and in this case, the “bezel” setting which we will be working with (we may also get to do a claw setting in the time frame if you are a fast learner). First you will design your ring or pendant on day one and work out how the stone (and where the stone )will be set. You will work on the base of the ring or pendant with design and texture.

DAY 3 - Cold Connection & Riveting - this is when you learn how to make a piece of jewellery with ‘movement’. Using a variety of techniques, you will make a piece that will be fun and moveable with a cut out front and a solid back and riveted together.

Day 4 - The Art of Granulation. Learning from Iwan, you will be taught how to mix the special glue made from seeds used in Indonesia, how to make and to adhere the silver granulation balls you will make for your piece. Working on either a pendant or a ring. Granulation is originally an ancient art brought from India.


Day 5 - Mokume Gane Mixing Metals - this is a wonderful arty class on mixing copper silver and brass by layering these metals in a design on top of each other in sheet and wire and soldering and flating each layer and adding layers to each other to get a marbling effect. This is not an easy workshop. It takes time and patience and sometimes you cant control the outcome. Its about letting go and allowing the metals to do their own pattern within the piece.



Late afternoon of the 5th day:  finishing and polishing and presenting for photographs.

You will also have the option to purchase your own starter silver smithing kit for $250 USD which will include most of the tools you will be working with. It is only optional.

8 grammes per day (total of 40 grammes) however you want to use it
Additional silver can be purchased for $1.10 USD per gram
lunch every day (and cakes and fruit) and all you can drink cold water, coffee and tea

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