Sanur Jewellery Studio | Jewellery Design Awards

2019 SJS Jewellery Design Awards

February is the month of love and we love our students and their work! So we thought, why not create a Design Award for the best designs of 2019 made right here at the studio!

Their will be an award given (and lots of beautiful goodies) in the following categories:

1 - Best Ring Design (Silver Basics Class without gemstone)
2 - Best Pendant Design (Silver Basics Class without gemstone)
3 - Best Gemstone Ring Design

4 - Overall Award Winner of The Year 2019 (in all categories)

For all the design entries will be looking at shape, form, how you have used the textures you have been taught in the class and the overall design. We will showcase all the designs from 2019 in the three categories above and then we will add a "poll" to each and add up all the points. The most favoured in each category will be awarded a certificate and a prize.

The Overall Winner of The Year Jewellery Design Award 2019 will be awarded to the person who went above and beyond in their design ideas and focused on making their dream piece come true. We will add in all different styles of jewellery in this category to include bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants, key rings, nose rings and ear cuffs. We are looking for DESIGN IDEAS that are inspiring, modern and fun. These items can be made of silver, brass, copper or Mokume Gane mixes. Our panel will be YOU....the people who visit our Facebook page and our Instagram feed (#sanur_jewellery_studio).

Watch these pages to see when the competition begins!