Love In The Time of Corona: By Sanur Jewellery Studio

Love In The Time of Corona: By Sanur Jewellery Studio

B.....Ahhhhhhh Li.

Remember that feeling you have when your plane touches down, the door opens and you are blasted with the smell of warmth, the smell of sate and frangipanis mixed together and of nature physically growing all around you. A place where anything is possible. A place where you get a side order of freedom with your cocktail in the swim-up pool.  A place they call paradise.

Today she sleeps.

She's having a bad hangover, that's lasting 3 months so far. Like all the drinks she has had in several years rolled into one big nasty stone, rolling around in a slot machine of a mind.

Shops are shut. Hotels are shut. Roads are shut. Beaches are shut. The only thing you can't shut is her heart. It's still open.

Our business is in hibernation. Like a great big brown bear at the end of summer, but we weren't able to collect all the food in our bellies we needed to see us through. But if you believe in ebb and flow of the tides in the world then you will have the knowledge that nature rights itself when it's ready and if it doesn't, its a sign to tell you to tack left or right and develop something else, once again. To create. To survive. It's kinda what this virus is doing actually. Trying to find a way to survive. Funny that.

Most importantly, we miss you and want you to come back. Things are going to look different in our future as a classroom. As a place where people of different walks of life meet and interact with each other. But....our teaching still remains the most heartfelt on the island. When you do a class with us, you are part of our family. All of your jewellery designs you make here reflect that. I mean just look at them in our student galleries. There is nothing on the island like it and it's because of you and your creativity....yes we help....we give you space for that. A beautiful space to relax and open your mind to access your creativity.

Come back. We need you. Don't forget us.

The Team @ SJS


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