Javanese Coin Family Ring Setting by Sanur Jewellery Studio

Javanese Coin Family Ring Setting by Sanur Jewellery Studio

Java. The 13th largest island on the planet and home to over 125 million people. It's rich in Buddhist-Hindu history as well as the history and stories of kings, empires and incredible wealth from the Majapahit period of rule from the mid 12th century through to the 15th. One of the most powerful in the Asian world, the empire, as many before it, used gold as their currency. The coins used were tiny and very thin pieces with Sanskrit writing on them relating to the king or queen reigning at the time (just like our modern coins).

We were recognised as a studio in Bali that could take these tiny gold coins and put them into traditional settings with a modern flair, for a family who had bought them in Java many years ago at a coin fair. As a studio, in Bali, in Indonesia, we do try to get involved in interesting projects like these that allow us to work with artefacts from the place we live and work in.

We worked out a shape across the board, for the family, for both girls and boys, a shape and design that could be added to or manipulated to fit both male and female fingers. We opted to show a design that encouraged a traditional Bali flair of scrolls and curled design on the sides of the rings.

Here is the outcome of our project.

We wanted to keep the focus on the coin, the roughness of the Sanskrit embedded in the gold and their integrity as well as making sure nothing was obscured on the coin itself. The family are very happy as are we and another fantastic project for Sanur jewellery Studio!