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Cryptic Crystals….What is the power of crystals in healing the body?

There is plenty of information on this subject all over the web, but scientifically speaking, there is very little "scientific" research that has been regarded as proven beyond reasonable doubt. Scientists call it "pseudoscience"…or science that has not real "backing" of quantum physics or otherwise. 

What we know that seems to have registered effects:

There are two specifically different ways to perform a crystal "heal" to your body; one is actually placing crystals onto the body itself and the other is to create a forcefield, or energy grid, around the body with the chosen crystals.

We know that there are certain colours for certain chakras in the body and most practioners who use crystals in healing of patients, consider choosing the matching colours of the crystal associated for the chakra in question. For instance the blue chakra in the neck/throat area is considered the area of creativity and learning. When you have feelings of inability to communicate or even addressing the stalwartness of learning, putting lapis lazuli or turquoise (both blue) on the neck area will have healing properties that connect with that particular chakra area.

But why and what exactly happens?

Crystals have electrical impulses which the body recognises and receives when they are close to the skin. It's not always apparent to the person and can be quite subtle. Sometimes it is very clear and it all depends on the receiver, the strength and if and how they want to be healed. This sometimes is the reason that scientists call it pseudoscience because the effect can almost be a placebo one, a bit like hypnosis. The receiver needs to "believe" in the science, in order for full effects to take place.

Many crystal healers think otherwise. We are energy. We have pulsating energy coursing through our bodies and like acupuncture, we can divert or unblock "blocked" energy so that the bodies alignment of energy is a constant flow. Crystals do the same thing. According to many crystal healing academics, certain ailments can be fixed with specific crystals. Here are just a few we have researched that have had very successful results:

Migraine headaches - Amethyst around the head area in a grid - not actually on the head

Sleep apnea - smokey quartz at your feet (or foot of the bed)

no energy - tiger's eye on the solar plexus

sexual malfunction and lack of libido - red garnet in the area of the womb

Why not buy some crystals and try the above. We are entering a new world understanding of their power and with it our beliefs. Crystals have brought life to our planet and been around for millions of years. They are important in the energy fields of our world, so why not in the energy fields of the human body?

Makes you think, doesn't it?

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