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The Echo of Deco Is Still Present in Jewellery Making Today

It is without doubt one of our favourite eras - The Deco period. In our visual video presentation, a pre-curser to the start of our workshops, we touch on the period of this amazing and hedonistic behavioural era, but there is so much more to blog about regarding this era.

Art Deco was a defining time for the world of design. It was a breakaway from the so rounded curves of Victoriana and the Art Nouveau period prior to its onslaught (and an onslaught it was!) The world became rich. Industrialisation made it very easy to create products quickly. People got rich quickly and they spent their money quickly. In design there was a combination of industrial design of the machines (sharp angles) mixed with an array of gemstones, especially diamonds. Diamond mines were working faster, as were silver and gold mines, due to new machinery that made accessing these ores fast. Cars got bigger, buildings got taller, the world got brighter. It was aesthetic and pleasing and the world adopted it for quite a time.

Today, Art Deco is still around us. It's influences have not gone unrecognised in modern fashion, architecture and jewellery. You only have to see what is on the shelves right now to see how influential the period was nearly 100 years later than it's beginnings. In our workshops we often inspire visitors to try their hand using inspiration from this period and create some amazing angular pieces. Why not come and do a workshop with us and create your very own piece!?

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