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Walk Sprightly Like A Pigeon and Sit Like a Tortoise

No, its not the sequel to 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.'

This blog has nothing to do with jewellery, but everything to do with most people's obsession in today's world. TIME and more of it in association with the word 'more.'

I need to be 'more' pretty (to get the guy and make beautiful babies before my eggs run out), I need 'more' money (to go on holidays and wear expensive clothes before I'm too old to walk), I want a 'better' car (because although the car I have, does the trick, I want a better good-looking one that makes me feel better about myself before I don't feel good about myself when I look in the rear view mirror). You know the drill.

So today I came across a Facebook posting about the 256 year old man who just spoke about his personal secrets to longevity and this, in turn, spurred me on to write this blog, because it's very interesting esoteric stuff. (as is the face of a man this old).

You see, the secrets he finally divulged are quite peculiar:

'Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.'

Simple isn't it!

Well...no it isn't or there would be a shitload more 256 year old men AND women bopping about. On top of no meat, no alcohol, no tobacco, no GMO's, no pollution and no antibiotics, it should be a walk in the park n'est pas?. Not in today's world though one would think. Our Industrial Revolution made very sure of that fact over 120 or more hundred years ago.

So this got me thinking. T dissect which each of these phrases means.

So let's start with 'keep a quiet heart.'

To me exercise is good within limits. It is highly important that you do not over exercise and cause strain on your heart. I have taken it to mean 'exercise' instead of 'longing' for someone in this instance. I have also not given the concept of anger or temper flares much kudos here either, as this nearly more often than not, affecting the liver of the body. To me, keeping a quiet heart means gentleness with exercise and enjoyment of what is around you when you take a twilight stroll or an early morning wander. I think I nail this part ( in part).

'Sit like a tortoise' is a more interesting one because of what happened to me recently in the Sumatran rain forest. I was in Bukit Lawang, trekking through undergrowth for hours, heading for a peak where we would sit briefly and have some nasi campur and a couple of bottles of water, before heading on wards, down the overpass.

I was sat there pondering my naval, when I realised, sitting next to me, was a tortoise. My instant reaction was to say 'hello there!' and then to inquire, 'What the hell are you doing here on the top of a mountain!?' He sort of looked at me all hunched over and tilted his head to the side, opening his mouth as if in slow motion to say, 'Well, I'm just passin' through, what the hell are you all doing here?' We looked at each other and then it happened. I sat there trying to determine his age (I am pretty sure he was NOT trying to determine mine) and that's when it dawned on me. Humans and their unique obsession with 'time.'

TIME. Running out if. Needing to make it last longer, getting the most out of it, cramming things into it like over-stuffed drawers, fanatical watch wearing, timing races, chronological mapping, to place order among the chaos...all of this because of time. Time, I thought is a pretty big topic. It's the monster in the mirror when you get to 45, its the devil when you no longer show a drivers licence to get into a club, it will turn your hair grey and you won't even notice until your roots grow out and you first think its dandruff but someone tells you differently, someone older and wiser than you.

So back to the tortoise. Fred continued on his way, probably covering 100 meters in the time I covered 20 kilometers and to me it speaks louder than words. Fred doesn't care what I think. Fred is happy eating and gently walking his way around the jungle. Go Fred. Don't stop for anyone.

But then I think of 'walking sprightly like a pigeon' I am confused. Pigeons seem a foolish type of bird. Walking around in circles saying the same thing over and over again 'I know, I know, I know, I know.' There is nothing worse than a know it all.

So when the 256 year old man who did not climb out the window and did not disappear, obviously, decided to speak these words and say it was one of the secrets to everlasting health, I laughed. (no, not like a pigeon). Then I got to thinking again. Pigeons pick up their feet when they move around, they don't wear boots or shoes nor have hoofs, from how I began to look at it, pigeons are constantly exercising. Necks and wings and feet. The little buggers are pretty quick, so maybe this is what he means without the 'foolish' bit attached.

Now onto my favourite. 'Sleep like a dog.' Try telling that to an insomniac. Dogs, as chickens, have brief moments of sleep wherever they can. They eat, they sleep they run, they eat they sleep they run. (in between the other stuff).

In my culture we say 'slept like a log' if we had a good sleep. Logs are inanimate objects therefore they sleep soundly. Stands to reason a log would be a good bet as a bed partner and not a tosser and turner.

So the end to my blog is this.....If I was 256 years old I would scrap all of the present (deceased) 256 year old man's nonsense and go back to the drawing board and do a re-write. In my world, my 46 year old world, it would say:

'keep your heart open, dance like a lemur, stroll on like a tortoise and sleep anywhere....like a cat.' (cue ridiculous cat picture).




  • This is great. Thanks!

    Anastasiya Vasilyeva
  • I Love it. No not cats but your take on the old mans thought’s.



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