How do you bend silver to make a ring? – Sanur Jewellery Studio

How do you bend silver to make a ring?

One of the very first processes you will learn with us is how to heat silver and bend it to make the shape that you want for a ring, a pendant, pretty much anything. You need to make the silver "malleable" in order that it can be manipulated and shaped they way you want it to be. Heating silver is called "Annealing". Annealing is not just about putting a blow torch on the lump of silver, it is a very meticulous process that requires a steady hand and an understanding of how heat is transferred.

Just heating the object in one place can cause it to be too hot in the "one place" and therefore more likely to break if it is shaped after cooling. Warm the whole area of the piece and the clay base it sits on, allows th heat to "disperse" and warms the silver evenly. When the silver has begun very slightly to turn a warm pink, it is time to take the heat off and turn off the torch. Let the silver cool by dunking it in cold water immediately. Your silver is now ready to start cutting or hammering into shape.

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