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Ashes To Ashes....and...Dust wait...Diamonds??

Its as clear as mud to your average Joe, but to me it's crystal.

We are from the dust and made from predominantly carbon, so why not be able to cremate, compress and then re-create!

Forget carrying the urn of your family member's ashes around anymore (and I have to say at my age, now, there are more than a few of my compatriots that are doing just that, hoiking around gruesome neolithic looking urns full of fireplace leftover embers from country to country) now, you can wear your family member with pride as a ring or a pendant or both (maybe head for one and body for the other :>) or give to another to look after, after you've had enough.

LifeGem (TM) is doing just this...turning ashes into diamonds and making a killing. Everyone likes a story and this is what LifeGem can bring to the conversation. Whether it be a sudden departure or a lifetime well led, they can encapsulate your loved one in any shape you choose and in any colour!  From blue diamond brilliant rounds at half a carat, to ruby red food colouring heart shapes, they state:

'We’ve found that the LifeGem creation process actually helps the grieving process. Our advanced tracking system automatically updates you as each phase completes - bringing your loved one closer to home
and giving you something to look forward to during this difficult time.'


The ordering process is in three easy steps. Print off the form, pay the fee and package and send the dust in a sealed container. If sending by mail in Indonesia you may want to label the package 'Wilson' from the beginning as it is likely that it will get lost, or opened or at the worst opened and snorted.

The price of such real love is dear though, so you may want to think long and hard about it and weigh up whether you want your mother-in-law at your neck or if you want to wrap her round your little finger. Now you can call the shots on the other side!

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