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A Day Out in Our Studio


Honey Travel NineMsN, has called us The Ultimate Jewellery Workshop in Bali and we have been featured in The Yak Magazine as a fun workshop to do while on holiday in Bali and one of the growing green businesses by KLM on the island.

Bali, for centuries has been known as a creative island full of artisanal wonders, from mask carving and batik painting, to basket weaving and jewellery making! We believe that art needs to be kept alive and that guests to the island are seeking to crack open their creative, while rested on holiday. It's the very best time to find a hobby and learn something new, when your mind is free of stress and you are not thinking about your job or commitments back home. Use our classes and workshops as a form of meditation to free yourself and HAVE FUN!

READ OUR REVIEWS and get a feel for how we teach and how much fun you can have with us!

Join us for a half day 3 hour class in basics silversmithing or go for the Gemstone 3 Hour Experience and make yourself a gorgeous piece with your selection from our beautiful stones 3 hour gemstone class or if you have longer, stay a full day and learn how to make a silver ring, pendant, earrings or bangle. Design and make your own unique piece for yourself or gifts for take home for family and friends!

We unite people with their creative mind and encourage a bit of meditation for the soul. There is nothing quite as fun as making something on holiday, when you are relaxed and have time for yourself. It's a wonderful thing to do in Bali with your family and friends, or if you are a solo traveler, a great way to meet new and interesting like-minded people who are craft orientated too! Why not get a group of girls together and make a morning or afternoon out making your own gemstone rings and pendants and take home some wonderful memories of your trip to Bali! 

We do get booked up, so if you want to do a class, please do get in touch for your date FIRST before you pay and book online.


HALF DAY WORKSHOP - 10am - 1pm and 2pm -5pm. All inclusive with 5 grams of silver for 875,000rp (add more silver for 15,000rp if you need it)

GEMSTONE EXPERIENCE - 10am - 1pm or 2pm to 5pm - make a ring, a pendant, earrings or a bangle and add a beautiful gemstone from our collection! All inclusive with 5 grams of silver for 995,000rp (add more silver for 15,000rp if you need it)

FULL DAY WORKSHOP - 10am - 4pm with beautiful buffet lunch and 8 grams of silver included 1,250,000rp

Want to book in? GREAT! Before you click on the workshop and go to pay, please contact us to check your dates are available by emailing us at:


We are open Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm and Sunday by special request (how else would we be this happy about what we do if we didn't have a break too when we need it) BUT....we can do a Sunday for 3 or more people - so if you are in a group we can discuss a private class too.

We also do courses that are tailored for Intermediates too. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We do classes on 'doming,' 'cold connection' (riveting), 'chain making' and granulation as well as Moku Megane. Later this month we are adding a Resin class and a Repousse class to our nest of workshops.

There are so many styles of jewellery design out there and we encourage you to explore all of them. From the super modern and contemporary to the twists and curves of wire in traditional Balinese jewellery. These examples below are a perfect example of the diversity of styles made here by students in the workshop.

Great Value. Amazing Communication. Family Atmosphere. Best Studio in Bali!

We offer FREE RETURN PICK UP IN SANUR and further afield, we hire Efron and his car private car (he has been working with us for the last 3 years and very happy in his demeanour and a beautiful person).

Return journeys are 150,000rp each way from Seminyak and Kuta and 200 - 250,000rp each way from Ubud and Canggu). You pay Efron direct.

1. THE ONLY AIR-CONDITIONED JEWELLERY STUDIO IN BALI -  Beauty is all around us, but we know that hard work needs a bit of cool temperature too, so we have that covered. We also serve ice cold lemon tea that is super yummy. We have it cooled to perfection so you can concentrate on making your unique piece to take home with you.

2. We are a teaching studio with a focus on 'teaching' not 'demonstrating' ...meaning we do, do demonstrations, but then you follow and learn and apply them to your piece later. You literally will design and MAKE the piece yourself. We hold your hand, but you are the creator. We love the students that come in and say they don't have a creative bone in their bodies, because invariably, they become our best students! There is no experience necessary for these classes.

3. VALUE for money - A wise man once said, you get what you pay for. We are not the cheapest, but we pride ourselves on level of service and communication from the moment you inquire till the day you walk out with your piece smiling from ear to ear. We go the extra mile for you. All classes are taught in English. (Indonesian classes can also be taught too as well as Mandarin for groups of 10 or more - we have the services of a translator)

4. Suitable for ALL ages - We treat kids like adults - just look at our photos!

5. A great CULTURAL and GROUP experience. Bring a group of your friends with you and we will make sure that your day with us is captured forever in pictures and the fun you will have as well as the jewellery you will create while with us.

6. Skilled guidance and tuition using traditional Balinese techniques in a modern way, the styles thst come out of this workshop are yours...not ours. We guide you. If you want to make a funky bracelet and already have the design in mind...we will help you to make it happen.

7. HEALING HANDS - make friends here and get things off your chest. Creating is healing. We are a family and you will feel the energy here that supports you. We often get healing groups or women's solo tours who want to do something together. Bring your friends, bring your family and if you are a team leader, bring your work colleagues to us for a bit of group team therapy! Join us! Message Ketut on +6282144080166

How To Get To Us

Jalan Kanda 15, Just off Sanur Bypass,


Mon - Fri, 10am - 4pm